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Donor List

                                                        Thanks to Recent Donors – with your help we make a difference for youth     


City of Rochester

Feinbloom Supporting Foundation

Ray Hutch Family Advised Fund of RACF

Colin Kennedy Fund of RACF

Mr. Martin Kennedy

Fayga and Elliott Press Advised Fund/Foundation

NYS Advantage grant

Joe U. Posner Children’s Sports and Rec Fund

Rochester Area Community Foundation

Rochester City School District



Ronald McDonald House

Philip and Delores* Neivert Fund

Joe U Posner Endowment Fund

Dr. Joseph and Elise Wojciechowski



Max A. Adler Charitable Foundation

Joseph and Nancy Briggs

Forsyth Family Fund of RACF

Ms. Kathleen Fromel

Croft Hangartner and Sue Scanlon

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Herbison

John and Michelle Kivenen

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Knox

Konar Foundation

Mrs. Katherine McCurdy*

Paychex, Inc.

Polisseni Foundation

Mrs. Lois Posner

Salty Dog Charities

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schwartz



Mrs. June Brush

Mr. Raymond Coller

Mr. John Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fien

First Baptist Church and Society

Garden Factory

Ms. Starr Hurst

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Iacona

Jet X Courier & Delivery

Kovalsky-Carr Electronics

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson B. Leenhouts

Massie Family

Mrs. Patrice McMath

Monroe Capital Inc.

Dr. Thomas Penn

George J. and Maude A. Peterson Memorial Fund

Rochester Guild for Special Children

Mr. Jeffrey Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Robert* Silver

Ms. Sigrit Van Damme



* Deceased


Ms. Nancy Anderson*

Blue Sky Association of Upstate NY, Inc.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Collinge

Ms. Sylvia Cooksey

Mr. Bruce Forsyth

Mr. Donald Forsyth

Mr. David F. Gipner

Mr. and Mrs. William Kaser

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Markus

McConville, Considine, Cooman & Morin PC

Mr. Matt Nixon

James and Elizabeth Patton

Mr. Wayne Scheible

Mr. Frederick H. Suter

Mr. Robert Sykes

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Vigdor

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wien



American Postal Workers


Mr. Carl Atkins

Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Bittker

Ms. Peggy Braitsch

Dr. Cenie Cafarelli

Mr. Gerald Chrysler

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fitzgerald

Ms. Joan Flint

Mr. and Mrs. Julian W. Goldstein

Mr. and Mrs. Sandy* and Stephanie Gradinger

Mr. and Mrs. Edward* J. Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Hultz

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Ince Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Jacobstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Kimbrough

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Landholm

Mr. Donald E. and Nicolette Gentile Leatherich

Edward and Kathleen Lynd

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald MacDonald Jr.

Mr. Robert J. Maney

Mr. Adam McFadden

Mr. and Mrs. James R. McMillen

Mrs. Carmel S. Merrill

Pete and Sally Merrill

Mr. John Muenter

Ms. Diane Parke-Potter

Bob and Penny Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery S. Pierce

Rochester LECET

Harris and Joan Rusitzky

Ms. Peggy W. Savlov

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Smith

Mr. Bill Stuart

Mr. Jerome Underwood

Ms. Ruth Unzicker/Chris Husson

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Viele

Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Walker

Mr. Howard Weinstein

Ms. Jean G. Whitney

Mr. and Mrs. Sergeant* Wise

Mr. and Mrs. David Woehr


Contributors—Up to $99

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Auer

Ms. Condenessa Barron

Ms. Patricia M. Battisti

Theresa Bertolone/Peter W. Burnett

Ms. LaShana Boose

Mr. Stewart Davis and Ms. Anne Havens

Mr. Daniel DeMarle

Ms. Dorothy Drake

Ross F. Elkin, DDS

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Elliott

Mr. Kenneth Elliott

Mr. Paul Foti

Mrs. Essie Germanow

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Green

Minh Grieshaber

Mr. Howard Grossman

Ms. Andrea Guzzetta

Ms. Mairead Hartman & Mr. Seun Oyesiku

Mr. George A. Haskins

Ms. Diana Hertweck

Marvin and Nancy Hoffman

Dr. Robert and Merilyn Israel

Ms. Angela Jones

Bradley D. Kaufman, DDS

Jack and Ginny Kench

Mr. Michael D. Leach

Mrs. Stella A. Levinson

Mrs. Renee Liebschutz

Mr. Willie Lightfoot

Mr. and Mrs. McDade-Clay

Mr. Richard J. Mengel

Mr. Henry Metzger

Mr. David and Mara Metzger

Dana and Freda Miller

Mr. David B. Mirsky

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Nemeroff

Mr. Roy J. O’Connell

Michael and Katherine Polozie

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald J. Rachfal

Ms. June Rapowitz

Mr. Eric Rose

Ms. Linda Rossi

Ms. DeQuanda Sanders

Mr. Richard C. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. Simon

Ms. Robin Simon

Mr. and Mrs. David J. States Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Steklenski

Ms. Angelica Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Thayer*

Mr. Sheridan Vincent

Mr. Edward Walsh Jr.

Ms. Lovely Warren &Mr. Timothy Granison

Ms. Hazel Washington

Ms. Helen Watts

Ms. Mary Lou Wenthe

Mr. Russell G. West

Mr. Michael Wolkoff

Mr. Richard L. Zulauf

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